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Your credit history is key to so many aspects of your financial life, from getting a good interest rate on a car loan or mortgage. presiding over your divorce says your soon-to-be-ex spouse must.

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joint car loan and divorce – Credit InfoCenter Forums – Hi, I am 21 and going through a divorce. My ex and I have a joint car loan with me as the primary. The car was originally gonna be for him but for my safety I had to leave town and took the car. I have kept up with the payments for a few months now but there is still 4 years left on the loan. I a.

The following information about divorce and auto loan responsibility can help you understand what your options are when dividing marital assets and debts. How do I make him responsible for paying the auto loan? Nancy’s Question: His car loan is in my name (I had to cosign), as it shows up on my credit report, even though the bill is addressed.

Instead, she floated the idea of taking out a loan to complete the project, and I almost fell out of my chair. More recently, I incentivized her with a special getaway if she paid her car off at least.

Joint Auto Loans after Divorce | Auto Credit Express – Consumers going through a divorce that have cosigned for their spouse’s car loan need to be aware of how lenders view an auto loan contract that was previously executed even though this is addressed in the divorce decree. Here at Auto Credit Express we’ve been helping car buyers with questionable credit looking for online car loans find those.

And if you’re a co-signer, that loan does show up on your credit report.” (When it comes to shared debts and divorce, outcomes can vary by state. your ability to make big purchases together like a.

If you and your ex-spouse applied together for a car loan, you’re both legally liable for making the payments. Your divorce, and the subsequent divorce decree, does not absolve your joint obligation to your lender. As long as the account remains in both names, any payments made will appear on both credit reports, and the lender retains the.

what do i need to apply for car loan Metcalfe Applying online for a commbank personal loan can be quick and easy – just make sure you have these things to hand when you do. 5 things you’ll need to apply for a personal loan You’re still logged on to NetBank.

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